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Stella Marina - Mafia Island - Tanzania

Education to Feel

Death Education as trait d'union between Life and Death

Words of Life

Writing heals, in silence.

A journey of reflection, listening to yourself, giving shape to memories and emotions. Finding the power that moves the world in experiencing silence.

Rediscover yourself, tell your story and leave a mark. 

Storytelling rearranges the meaning of Life.

Words of Dreams

The freedom to choose, right to the end. 

Planning for the last days is a delicate, intimate and very complex process. How can you talk to your loved ones about what is important to you and communicate your wishes? How much do they know about us and what do we want them to know? 

What are our desires?

Words of Infinite

Between earth & sky, meeting you where you are.

In Italy, especially after the diagnosis of a terminal illness, family and friends often play the important role of caregivers, without knowing what to say, what to do, where to go. A space that honours the Soul by offering resources, tools and itineraries to help orient the senses towards the relationship of care.


An End of Life Doula is a professional who identifies and responds to the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of those embarking on the Final Journey and those who remain, offering support, companionship and education. An End of Life Doula is a provider of care, information and resources.

The essence of the holistic approach of the EOL Doula is to provide non-medical support and assistance to individuals and families in the months, weeks and final days of life, during times of critical and transforming change in the passage of Life, beyond Life: times to embrace, times of opportunity and growth.


A End of Life Doula guides the experience of death through new territory with sacredness and respect.

Martina Frullanti


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