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Education to Feel
A new approach to accompany to the end of Life, for Life.

Words of Life

Intimate Writing Workshop 

Self-Reflection exercises to welcome and collect the words of one's relationships, passions, philosophies, most important moments, dreams fullfilled, interests and lessons learnt from Life to create your “Journey Journal”. 

An emotive culture workshop about finding meaning in Life, telling your story and leaving a mark.


Words of Dreams

Desiderium, a gesture of Love.

Desiderium helps organise personal data and documents, values, wills and rituals for those unpredictable, silent mourning and farewells.

Desiderium promotes the completion of Living Wills.


If not now, when can we talk about the Journey we will all have to take?

Words of Infinite

End of Life Care

End of Life Care, what does it mean?  

It means creating space to honour the spirit, the Soul.


It means welcoming the stories, experiences and needs of those who are about to embark on their Final Journey with a compassionate heart, with the presence and mystery of being there for each other.

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